Hôtel Hwy 11

Daniel Groleau Landry, Denys Tremblay, Denis Taman Bradette, Marc Audette

January 15 to February 18, 2012

our partners

Le Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury
la Galerie 44 de Toronto
la Galerie 815 du Conseil des Arts de Hearst

Hotel Hwy 11 is a residence and exhibition project that brings together three photographers from Ontario, Marc Audette (Toronto), Denis Bradette (Cochrane), Denys Tremblay (Sudbury), and a writer from Ontario, Daniel Groleau Landry (Ottawa).

A first residence took place in June 2011 at Ateliers Topaz, a former truck stop known as Opaz Motor Inn on Highway 11 near Opasatika. A second residence took place in July 2011 in the dark rooms of Gallery 44 in Toronto.

The artists were inspired by the historical imprint of the old truck stop to create the works that are now part of the exhibition Hotel Hwy 11, presented in Sudbury and Hearst.

hôtel hwy 11

a body, a heart, a soul
three things to survive
breakable like the wind
labyrinths of perspective
in a heap of cognitive ruins
inevitable as the end of the
where memories intertwine
among timelines
as morphing geometries

It is my belief that artists have created works which truly reflect these symbols, when I rest my sight upon the site where their creation has occurred

The Body, a boreal jungle-tied shelter, nightly refuge, revived from the binds of time and wear which filled its guts with luminous rot and a myriad of birds

The Heart of this place, the ruins left behind spawning new life in works, phoenix dreams, roaring in echoes of faces on dolls, severed from sight.

The Soul of this place, light on the edge of the horizon hidden by hills and trees, paintings in the sky, the abandon to which we have thrown ourselves, touching the source of dusk and dawn, space growing under glass irises, bringing us back to ourselves, diluted in winter light

Thus, the vision of these three artists converge. Denis Bradette, documenting the Body of the beast. Marc Audette sheds light on the glowing arteries of this place. Denys Tremblay, with his treatment of time, anachronisms and discreet shapes, seized the Soul of our hostel.

Three collections which are both echoes and song, exposing one after another the multiple faces of this space rich in essential geometries

— Daniel Groleau Landry

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