Group Exhibition

Nicholas Pitre, Christine Marcotte, Dennis Castellan

July 4 to 31, 1996

Group Exhibition

Dennis Castellan (Sudbury) | My people, recent work

This exhibition presents a series of drawings made of oil bars, paint and paint thinner on mylar. These drawings reflect the artist’s interest in the image of the human body and form, and the visual and emotional power of this image. « These images convey an intentional suggestive presence and expressive gesture. My new work places the body in a space – unlike the floating abstract space of the painting I relied on in the past. »

Nicholas Pitre (Chicoutimi) | Terres endormies

The artist proposes a series of self-standing pictorial structures. The work consists of panels with shutters flanked by lateral panels. Pitre says: « I treat this pictorial sequel as one and only one work, fragmented in a multitude of interchangeable elements. The pieces of this puzzle come to life when shown in a new exhibition place. »

Christine Marcotte (Hull) | Ombiliculus fatum (l’ombilic de la destinée)

This object-sculpture, a huge umbilical cord, is made of bee wax. As the artist explains: « [It is] a work of reflection about space and time which governs human life. It is the journey, the cycle, the human destiny, the element at the centre of our space and time on which we only have one hold: the implacable present moment. »

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