Forme – difforme

Pilar Macias

August 20 to September 26, 1998

Forme - difforme

In Forme – difforme, the artist explores the theme of pregnancy, through photography. In a process where there is a crossing between personal intimacy and the public self, between the visible and subjacent, between the translucent and opaque, Macias questions the banal – but not neutral – representation of this otherwise quite natural state. In using auto portraits, she reinforces the intimacy of her approach. Themes brought forward are: hopes and fears prior to pregnancy; transformation of the body; social clichés surrounding pregnancy; the transmutation of the body in an exterior object; fear of the unknown; dream child and born child. In order to further pursue her research on visual narration, the artist uses non-classic techniques and supports such as the integration of x-rays, liquid emulsion on objects, interior illumination and enlargements and large scale supports.

«Visually, the work in starkly beautiful, unconventionally seductive, anti-pornographic and precious. Conceptually, it holds an austerity that is both disturbing and innocent at the same time.

[…] Pilar Macias’s Forme-difforme is a complex, quite profound abstract exhibition that challenges our stereotypes of female beauty by exploring the grace and vulnerability of the pregnant female. A part of the eying rejuvenation if photograph arts, it uses self-portrait as a springboard to universal insights.»

Rob O’Flanagan, Sudbury Star, August 29, 1998

Pilar Macias | about the artist

Originally from Mexico, Pilar Macias has been living and working in La Pocatière since 1995. Professional photographer and artist, her works have been exhibited in Mexico, Poland, England, Russia and Canada through several solo and group exhibitions.

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