Et le temps nous est compté

Cécile Boucher

February 5 to March 10, 2000

Et le temps nous est compté

In this exhibition the artist reflects on the space the human race occupies in our society. She addresses a critical eye on the important phenomena of our era like the odyssey of the human race, the influence of the media and the impact of new technologies on the life of individuals and collectives. The reference of time as a mathematical concept is omnipresent in the artist’s work.

The exhibition consists of a mural composed of seven pieces of art work rendered on aluminum or steel and of three structural assemblages mounted in black boxes. The materials take in consideration the resistance of the society to change. The technique largely based on photo transfer, witnesses the importance of the media in this era. Each piece is inspired by a social tendency, such as the implacable functioning of the living rules or the arrival of computer technology.

“Cecile Boucher’s images on cold steel have an immediate catch-and-hold effect on a viewer. Her work entitled Et le temps nous est compte is an exhibition of striking photographic works mounted on metal, in combination with a series of ambitious assemblages constructed inside large metal boxes. […] Despite the coldness of the materials, there is warmth emanating from this work. There is a sense that behind obscurity, pain and fear, there is the potential for wholeness. […] Et le temps nous est compte is one of the strongest exhibitions to visit Sudbury over the past couple of years. It is in keeping with the GNO penchant for contemporary life.

Here Boucher has taken these concerns to a higher level – beyond art fashion, beyond cold cynicism. It is work that stays with you.”

Excerpts from the article Boucher’s cold images strike the heart, by Rob O’Flanagan, Sudbury Star, Saturday, February 12, 2000

The artist from the region of Aylmer Québec received her bachelor of fine Art at the University of Québec in Hull in 1986. Since then she has exhibited her work in many artist run centres and galleries in eastern Ontario and Québec.

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