Doug Donley

January 29 to March 7, 1998


In Estuary, the artist presents a series of more than 200 drawings of fish, mounted at random, in a continued fashion (double or triple strip) for a length of about 300 feet.

As Donley explains, «The Fish Series is five years of personal reflection on art history, religion, environmental and social comment. Fish are ancient symbols from our murky past. In truth fish are an integral part of our history. Long ago, we, the upwardly mobile branch of the family left the seas. Our struggle with change has left us with little understanding of our time spent under water. However our aquatic memories still run deep.

There are many intertwined stories in the work hidden in the simplicity of design and image. Here things are concentrated as in an arm of the sea, as in an estuary. »

Doug Donley | about the artist

The regretted Doug Donley lived and worked in Sudbury for over 25 years. He participated in several solo and group exhibitions all over Ontario and as far as Alberta.

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