Derrière les portes

Laurent Vaillancourt

March 31 to May 5, 2001

Derrière les portes (Behind open doors)

A series of twelve sculptures created through the amalgamation of varied objects collected in garage sales, at dump sites and in nature.

Each piece is assembled as a piece of furniture with doors is autonomous and tells its own story. Everyday objects blended and reconstructed in a unique and fantastic perspective. Juxtaposition of materials that suggests the complementarities of exterior and interior. Behind open doors, notions of curiosity and self-reference emerge.

« And inside are enigmatic, stripped down, semi-resolved assemblages. One is struck by a sense of emptiness and elegance – and a rare quality of restraint and beauty. […] Vaillancourt’s restraint and exceptional sense of selection comes to the fore. The mystery and grace that he conveys is both meditative and esthetically pleasing. […] It is not uncommon to see work that transforms everyday objects into art. There is quite a lot of that going around. Vaillancourt’s «doors» are a fascinating addition to the practice of assemblage, which is a highly creative, three-dimensional way of exploring visual ideas. »

Excerpt from article Exhibition is full of humour and surprises by Rob O’Flanagan, Sudbury Star, Saturday, April 7, 2001

Laurent Vaillancourt | au sujet de l’artiste

Vaillancourt est issu de l’essor culturel de l’Ontario français du début des années soixante-dix. Il est toujours resté intimement lié à la communauté franco-ontarienne et les arts-plastiques sont depuis le domaine d’activité qu’il privilégie. Hearst, dans le nord de l’Ontario, demeure le port d’attache de l’artiste puisqu’il accorde beaucoup d’importance à la présence des artistes dans les petites communautés.

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