Contre vents et marées / Against All Odds

Camille Tremblay Beaulieu, Elyse Portal, Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin

POSTPONED : March 31 to April 24, 2020

Exhibition from March 31 to April 24, 2020
54 Elgin street

Exhibition curator : Laura Demers

Contre vents et marées / Against All Odds

The breeze becomes gust, the tides rise. This exhibition curated by Laura Demers and featuring three artists from the Sudbury region – Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin, Elyse Portal and Camille Tremblay Beaulieu – explores various facets of the local and far-reaching environmental discourses that mark our daily lives.

These three artists examine, through photography and video – as well as through their activism within their communities – themes related to the magnitude of the human impact on surrounding ecosystems, both environmental and social. While taking a critical look at the current condition, these young artists embody, in a way, a form of hope and resilience; the hope and resilience we must invest in approaches aimed at preserving and rehabilitating the fauna, flora, waters, and the atmosphere.

The artists

Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin is a Mexican artist who grew up in Sudbury. Her works examine ethnic identity, urban landscapes, and the dichotomies between the two cultures in which she lives. Always questioning the impact of contemporary art on the communities of Mexico and Canada, she is looking for visual languages that evoke the stories, traditions, and mythologies that inform the links we forge between one another as human beings.

Elyse Portal has been practicing ecological art for almost 20 years in solo and within the collective eeportal. In order to counter the effects of our consumerist culture, as well as the alienation stemming from the growing gap between humanity and nature, Elyse Portal inserts herself into her surroundings. Her practice involves a creative process that includes the participation of non-human actors such as clay, plant specimens, etc. Her projects are often site specific and rooted to place.

Camille Tremblay Beaulieu studied zoology at Laurentian University and completed her thesis on the impact of mining industries in Sudbury on amphibians and reptiles in the region. With a degree in Environmental Visual Communication from the Royal Ontario Museum and Fleming College, Camille is interested in capturing images of the local landscapes (living and dead), their destruction, their restoration, as well as the stories of those who inhabit them.

Exhibition Partners