Chaque chose a son temps

Sylvie Tourangeau

February 23rd to March 3rd 2013

residency and workshop series

In collaboration with

Chaque chose a son temps

Spur of the moment practices taking place in the heart of the city; time allowed for spontaneous encounters; that is the ground for gathering dynamic artifacts of unexpected stories.

La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario proudly welcomes Sylvie Tourangeau, a leading figure in the world of performance art. This artist’s work is mainly concerned with the idea of “presence”, a concept that has informed the performance art she’s been practicing since 1978.

During her stay in Sudbury, she will explore the community in order to create a series of tailored performances. Sylvie Tourangeau defines the specific performances as “infiltrating practices”. According to a definition proposed by 3e impérial: Centre d’essai en art actuel, infiltrative art is made up of “artistic practices that operate within the realm of the real by an investment of energy in the social body. The processes of infiltrative art favour a diversity of aesthetic concerns and an open and constructive attitude; they also exploit skills not necessarily exclusive the arts. Through the process of habituation, while keeping related ethical questions in mind, these practices are concerned with art intervening in our daily lives.”

The artist’s infiltrative practices will also be informed by a series of relational experiences for two. Seeking to know Sudbury through the experiences of those living here, she will seek out opportunities for exchanges where Sudburians will share their personal experience of the city.

In addition, a dozen sudburian artists will follow an intensive performance art workshop with the artist. Together, they’ll explore the basic principles of performance art and experience the performative structure first-hand (attitude, presence, time, space, object).

Sylvie Tourangeau will share her experiences with the public and present, among other things, the results of her infiltrative practices during an artist’s talk at GNO on Friday, March 1st at 5 pm.

To allow for spontaneity, the artist’s schedule of performances is not pre-established. While they will take place between Monday February 25th and Friday February 1st, their exact locations and times are to be determined. In order to be informed of performances as they happen, the public is encouraged to follow the GNO on its Facebook page or through its Twitter feed (@la_GNO).

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