Cent titres


October 3 to November 8, 1997

Cent titres (One hundred titles)

This exhibition brings together three monumental pieces. The exhibition is entitled Cent titres (One hundred titles) because each individual is invited to give a title to each work according to what is inspired. This approach is meant to encourage interactions between the viewer and the work.

A profound interest of the artist for the inextinguishable richness of matter propels a sculptural process which is now shifting towards installation. Initially in the smaller works, the artist now turns to the monumental. Bronze, steel, rubber, iron, wood, bone, these are but a few of the materials employed. Recognizable at first glance, the representation holds surprises when the use of the material is further investigated. In one piece, the apparent lightness belies the weight of the material, while in the other sculpture; an initial delicate and organic matter has been moulded from bronze. The subverted use of matter, apparent upon second reading, unveils shifts in the forms meaning. Thematically the artist addresses concerns of the human condition, where-upon she brings to light what is too easily forgotten, neglected or ignored.

La Gaan | about the artist

La Gaan, an artist from Alexandria (Ontario). She has presented numerous solo and group exhibitions in Ontario and Québec.

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