Boyer/Voyer : The body in all its states

Luc Boyer, Denise Voyer

April 10th to May 8th, 1999

Boyer/Voyer : The body in all its states

Luc Boyer is presenting an installation of sculptures formed mainly of spruce trunk and of objects found in nature like field stones, wire and wild cherry tree twigs. These sculptures allude to the microscopic images of polio, a condition suffered by the artist since a very early age. Through the use of different materials meticulously assembled on a vertical axe, the artist demonstrates the blockage of energy caused by a virus located in the bone marrow.

These sculptures allude to images of wild sites; they are at the same time hard and peaceful, a place where energy and matter cohabits in harmony. Through these, the artist explores the human, the natural and the spiritual presence.

Denise Voyer, for her part, presents an exhibition of drawings, photos and sculptures exploring the body in all its states. Pieces of wood picked up on the shore of the St-Lawrence River and having similarities with parts of the human body are the starting point of her research.

Her work principally includes everyday objects which are part of our patrimony. These objects offer a history, a form, a colour, an aesthetics and/or emotional link which questions our personal memory versus the collective memory.

This creative process introduces a new perspective where the object, through its personal resonance, acquires a new reality.

« The minimalist works of Luc Boyer and Denise Voyer are a lesson in the power and poignancy that can be achieved in art using the simplest materials to fashion forceful objects and images. […] The eye is quickly drawn to a compelling and thought-provoking work by Voyer that rests on the floor and hangs on the wall like a monument to humanity’s broken heart. […] The work, which is ambiguous in content, hints at environmental and spiritual decimation. As nature is destroyed – left barren and lifeless – the human heart also dies.

[…] Luc Boyer also uses minimally-altered wood in his sculptures and reliefs. His freestanding pieces are his strongest, and many appear as though they might have been made in an isolated clearing in a forest. They resonate with peace, composure and solitude.

[…] In short (although long would be needed to do justice to this highly accomplished art) this new work by Voyer and Boyer is worth a long, meditative look.»

Rob O’Flanagan, Sudbury Star, April 17, 1999

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