Arti/fiction Realities

Anyse Ducharme

September 7th to October 13th 2012

curator : Elia Eliev

Exhibition Sponsor

Arti/fiction Realities

This exhibition entitled Arti/fiction Realities features a selection of Anyse Ducharme’s recent artistic production over the past few years. Situated in the field of new media and digital technologies, Ducharme’s photographic work critically examines the notion of simulated realities (simulacrum)1 in relation to the use of the social media landscape and content web-communities (e.g. YouTube). Her interest lies on the complex relationships between technology and culture, subsequently, questioning the impact of social media technologies on our quotidian experience of life. The artist captures the continuous shifts of information uploaded and the fictional moments in various online social medias.

In her work, The Quality or State of Being Real, Ducharme de/codes her snapshot images towards abstraction. By the means of computer-generated editors, Ducharme digitally manipulates and corrupts the original (.RAW) image format taken from users’ comments on Youtube’s most watched videos. Shaped by various categorical colors and patterns, the resulting unidimensional images allude to an “arti/fictional” reality – an interweaving of artificial and fictional archetypes of ephemeral moments – that are voided in a recontextualized space.

Her second series, voy(eur)age, depicts the experience of the artist as a web traveler/teleporter.2 Using Google Earth, she documents a selection of random moments in time of thirty countries around the world. Due to privacy laws, Google Earth attempts (but rarely succeeds) at blurring out most of the pedestrians’ face and name brands photographed. For Ducharme, these snapshots function as fragments of her personal fictional memories.

Curated by Elia Eliev

[1] Baudrillard, Jean. (1981). Simulacres et Simulation. Paris: Galilée.
[2] Ducharme, Anyse. (2010). Artist Statement.

Anyse Ducharme (b. 1984) holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa (2010) and a diploma in 3D animation from La Cité Collégiale (2004). Since 2008, her work has been exhibited in various galleries and events in Canada, the United States and Australia. Over the past years, she received numerous awards and scholarships such as the Support for first works at DAÏMÕN, the Ontario Arts Council grants and recently was a winning recipient of the Flash Forward Competition from the Magenta Foundation. Her work is part of the City of Ottawa’s Art Collection and private collections. She currently lives and works in Ottawa.

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