A Journey

Bert Weir

October 16 to November 20, 1999

A Journey

The journey was initiated through a teaching by John: «When the spirit is healthy, it is a pearl contained in the centre of the soul, mind and body. There are eight levels of being!» The artist’s paintings reveal the pearl contained by energies expanding and contracting, and by the layers surrounding the centre.

The work also represents the Cedar Road found in the Midewiwin Society which also contains eight levels of being, four beneath the ground and four above. Where the road passes the horizon is the centre of the world and there is a sky hole leading to the other side. In this exhibition the artist paints his version of the cedar road and sky hole. The paintings document the artist’s journey through the hole and to the other side where spirit blend with source knowledge.

«The show, called A Journey, opened last Saturday with a ritualistic display of drumming and smudging – a spiritual cleansing rite intended to clear the heart, mind and eyes. […] A Journey, like so much of Weir’s art over the past 15 or 20 years, is like a chronicle, a map of a spiritual journey. Here, the paintings – colourful, organic affairs done in thickly layered oils – seem to chart a near-death experience – or at least an attempt to visually elucidate a heavenly truth. […] In each womb-like painting, elements of water, fire and sky co-mingle in an intense display of fluid textures and blazing, pastel colours.

As a whole, they reverberate with an energy that is strong enough to bowl you over, and move or even frighten the viewer. […] A Journey, accentuated with gorgeous carved, candelabras and dangling red ribbons, is journey you will want to take. »

Excerpt from the article Painting is Weir’s religion by Rob O’Flanagan, Sudbury Star, Saturday, October 23, 1999

Bert Weir | About the artist

Bert Weir is a well known artist from the Parry Sound area. The artist graduated from the Ontario College of Arts in 1952 and has been painting ever since. This exhibition groups eight important paintings.

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