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Thanks to Le Voyageur newspaper for their article on Darlene Naponse, Deanna Nebenionquit, and Tanya Lukin Linklater’s BESHAABIIGANAN.


Thanks also to the Le matin du Nord show at Radio-Canada for welcoming us and talking about the exhibition !

Le matin du Nord



LE HOMECOMING – In the Media


Thanks to Le Voyageur newspaper for their article on jenna dawn maclellan’s exhibition, LE HOMECOMING.


Thanks also to Le matin du Nord and Morning North from Radio-Canada/CBC, for their interviews with jenna!

Le matin du Nord

Morning North


(re)member of water in The Sudbury Star

Thanks to The Sudbury Star!

The article is printed in the September 11th 2015 newspaper. It’s also published online, here.

Don’t forget to greet the artists at the opening reception tonight at the gallery!

(re)member of water #la_gno #eeportal

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Geneviève et Matthieu in Up Fest’s Day 1 Video

The magicians at Up Fest successfully transformed downtown Sudbury during the first edition of the new public art and emerging music festival.

This video presents a quick look at Day 1 of Up Fest and includes a few choice cuts from Geneviève et Matthieu’s performance. Check it out!

Up Fest – Day 1 from We Live Up Here on Vimeo.