Sasha Phipps


Sasha Phipps is an Ottawa based French-Canadian artist working in video, installation, painting, and public art interventions. He received a college diploma in 3D animation at La Cité collégiale in spring 2006 and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa in the spring of 2010. He maintains an artistic practice in the City of Ottawa and works as the photography and media arts technician for the visual arts department at the University of Ottawa.

Artistic Process

“My practice serves as an exploration and reinterpretation of popular culture, a way to modestly renew a French-Canadian collective memory. It is through visual works and word play that I combine the fictional to the real, the fantastic to the banal and the traditional to the current. I have a particular interest in the production of figurative works in which I reference the figure of the strongman and the woodsman, two important figures in French Canadian heritage (lumberjacks, log drivers, trappers, voyageurs, or if we think of names like Louis Cyr, Big Joe Mufferaw or Georges St-Pierre). Using the spectrum of tales and legends, I attempt to interact with Canadian histories, ideologies, and national narratives of the past and the present.”