Mathieu Boucher Côté et Marika Drolet-Ferguson

Mathieu Boucher Côté’s creative practice involves reflection on the influence of architecture on the relationship between people and landscapes. His reflection deals mainly with our ways of inhabiting and relating to landscapes, be it physically, culturally or emotionally.


His works may be made of paper in the form of cards or as small-scale inhabitable structures. The inspiration for the materialization of his works comes mainly from his reflection on materials and construction techniques. Exploring their applications both in art and architecture, Mathieu strives to contextualize the input of tradition and innovation in our ways of constructing and inhabiting landscapes.


At FAAS6, Mathieu will be collaborating with Marika Drolet-Ferguson on a research project that will explore the multiple perceptions/layers of a territory through cartography.

Born in Québec City, Mathieu Boucher Côté lives mainly in New-Brunswick, where he does most of his practice in architecture and research-creation. His many travels, which have led him to spend time in a number of different locations over the years, have led him to create works that call into question the relationship between, architecture, people and landscapes. In this spirit, he has been been involved with Architectes de l’urgence et de la coopération and their work with Anishnaabe communities in Abitibi to renovate their homes in 2011-2013. Mathieu has a master’s degree in architecture from Laval University and a master’s degree in science involving innovation in wood-based construction. He has contributed to many exhibitions and publications in the field of architecture and remains active in academic research and teaching.


Marika Drolet-Ferguson is from the Acadian Peninsula in northeastern New Brunswick. Her photography work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions, including at Galerie Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen (Moncton), Galerie Bernard-Jean (Caraquet) and The Factory (Iceland), and in the form of public artworks (Sheldrake, 2017 and Fogo, 2018). She has been artist-in-residence for ARNA in Sweden, Listhùs in Iceland and Vu Photo in Quebec City.

She is a lecturer in photography at the Université de Moncton from 2016 to 2018, and in drawing at the School of Architecture at Université Laval in 2018. Marika studied visual arts before completing studies in architecture at Université Laval (Quebec) and at the University of Genoa (Italy). She pursues her research in visual arts in conjunction with her architectural practice.


“I’m interested in the connection between nature and imagination, in the relationship between the quality of our environment and the extent of our creative thinking. Photography is for me a practice of observation. It is through this medium that I explore how the landscapes that surround us are also comes to inhabit us. The slowness of the analog process gives me the freedom to discover what lies beneath the surface of things. By cultivating a sensitive and attentive look, my research aims to develop a feeling of belonging to the territory and transmit an experience of connection with nature. ”


As part of FAAS 6, Marika and Mathieu will collaborate on a research project that will explore the multiple perceptions/layers of a territory through mapping.

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