Aédan Charest et Sarah King Gold

Myths and Mirrors Community Arts | FAAS 5 Artist Statement

Through an evolving multimedia interactive installation we will invite people to explore and experience thoughts, feelings, and sensations of a shared safe and intimate space. What emerges in a co-created space focused on intimacy and safety? What images, beliefs, desires are commonly held of these concepts? What will be the material and social result of this experiment of sharing and co-creating space? We anticipate this collaborative exploration may produce a contradictory and complex spatial experience.

Sarah King Gold is a multi-media visual artist, social artist and performer. Sarah creates artwork intuitively as a means of meditation and subsequent reflection. She seeks collaboration with artists from all disciplinary backgrounds and embraces opportunities to explore other disciplines within her work. She shares her artwork as a means of communication and invitation for audience participation into the creative process, as a way to enrich the work and her own experience of the art making process. She plays with fantasy and reality, creating alternate worlds into which she and her audience may enter.

Sarah works from the understanding that art evolved as a way to make sense and meaning of our human lives and interactions with our natural and human made environments. Artistic meaning making was rooted in ritual and daily life as a means of expression, communication and enrichment of the human experience. Sarah seeks ways to draw the audience out of the sole role of audience and into the role of artist or co-creator. She works through her private and public artistic practices toward restoring art in the everyday as something we all make and experience, a tool for engaging people in dialogue and a bridge to unite people through sharing stories and creative experiences.

Aédan Daniel Charest is an emerging artist and activist in Sudbury. Through his training in social services and his passion for photography, he aims to raise awareness on marginalized communities and humanitarian movements.

While working for Myths and Mirrors, Aédan has been given opportunities to use his art on a professional level. He was the co-lead artist for the Donovan Memories Project and assisted in the making of the Realms of the Earth mural on Kathleen. He is now also a co-animator for ATA (Artistes Trans Artistry), a social creative group for transgender identifying people.

Aédan is actively developing photography projects. Aédan is currently working on a photography project exploring self-confidence, diversity, mental health and human rights. Furthermore, With ATA he intends to co-create a photography project showcasing transgender welcoming businesses in Sudbury.

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