de la part de Ray

Yes, Claude I do have first nations blood. My French grandmother was a Metis. As a young family there was still a lot of shame in identifying as native so there was no knowledge of the culture passed down to us.

Any knowledge i have learned about indigenous ways, I have gathered on my own. I am patchwork quilt of spirituality. I read Buddhism. i go to a Christian church. I celebrate and pray using the four sacred medicines; tobacco, cedar, sage and sweetgrass
What do I wonder about you?
I do not have any trans relationships other than you. so it will be interesting to learn your perspectives on the art of living. I have known a number of gay people. In my younger years i wondered about my sexual orientation and had one short lived affair but came to realize that i was straight. so yes I am curious about how you experience the world, friendship, beauty, philosophy – you know – the whole ball of wax.
How this relationship unfolds  in freeform is up to our discretion, our courage and our humanity.
I do wish you the best of days – Ray