de la part de Ray

I have been making small Christmas toys for friends and their children. The feedback is enjoyable

The cards and the bird-sculptures are very loose and light hearted. so the time of advent has that of ease. Our two situations could hardly have more contrast. Although, I’ve had rough christmases it seems age has smoothed out some of the edges. I am a seventy year old contented bachelor. I hope your future holds a similar fortune.- that you create a new home, surrounded with your poetry. Home is important. Critical
Smudging is part of my spiritual practice. I learned about it when I belonged to a mens’ healing circle. One of the traditions we learned was a smudge at the beginning and the passing of the eagle feather. One of the facilitators was Ojibway. He taught a prayer of the four directions, the grandfather teachings and the values of the medicine wheel. I have travelled with that prayer since 1991.
I keep in balance by paying attention to and nurturing my four domains: the domain of my spirit, the domain of my heart, the domain of my mind and the domain of my body. When I lose my balance I ask the Creator to guide me in recovering it.
I wish you comfort and joy in the new year