de la part de Ray

Overeaters Anonymous OA I have realized that I am powerless to control my addiction to food and compulsive overeating. High glucose sets off a bipolar respnse

depression. Therefore I joined OA. Overeating has been a pattern for my entire life. It has led to several hospitalizations. This is literally a life or death decision. I don’t want to live at this survival level of existence. There is still poetry that I want to experience and poetry (artwork) that I have yet to paint.
I am not obese -only 20 pounds over my ideal weight.  At any rate I now have a structured program to help me get my physiology back in balance. and with that, a better mood and a good life.
I still have not got my training with the cell phone. And I don’t know how to select the sound-bytes from our conversation. One thing at a time.
Not believing the fear mongering mind is a critical step toward sanity.  The Eastern gate leads into the land of new beginnings . When looking to the south you decided to let go of anger – when I forgive I find more space in my mind,and heart.
  l like your ‘allowance’ for the flow of stories from your relieved head
I also like your intention to live in a stable complex world. To me this sounds like there are better days ahead. And there are.
I did a little bit of artwork a few days ago – that’s a good sign. to change successfully is to make small changes incrementally. an old friend once to me:  « Life by the inch is a cinch – Life by the yard is hard »
You are in my thoughts. amitie -ray