de la part de Ray

State of being – This depression – although caused by diabetes is still a depression. It inhibits my determination, initiative and ability to communicate

My artwork is at a standstill – when the moment comes to start to paint or collage – i find no interest. I have misplaced the confidence and courage that I began this project with – to be really open at this moment (and to risk vulnerability).I respect your openness and willingness to be vulnerable. Knowing myself – it will take more time to have that kind of trust.
I do appreciate your offer to be helpful in some way  – yours is a generous heart.
I am seeing my family doctor next week. Iam also working on controlling my snacking.
Other news: My guest has found an apartment. He will be set up on or before March 1. i will have my space again
Wishing you all the best, Claude
– Ray