de la part de claude


i am almost back to my pre-infection « normal » with the teaching that well, i have to commit to life if i want to continue to live. maybe i have to abandon my project to build a chosen family around me? do i?

today is new moon and i want you to know that you have a power of spirit that travels distance. the « you are not alone » in your last post resonated very loud when i read it and it still does when i look at the post again. it is like the words jump at me. the post is printed on paper and it is around me all the time.

these words of yours make me feel i am in an old massive beautiful building that echoes human voices just like when you sit on top of a mountain and every shout echoes from the mountains around. massive masses of granit chanting with you.

maybe it is because you anchor every of your words at the very deep level my soul can automatically trust. it is rare.

i am grateful.

yes, i would like to visit Sudbury but it feels like i won’t be able for long and then it might be « too late ».

you are there, in Sudbury. it is Saturday morning. my phone tells me your sky is cloudy. i wonder what you are doing and where your mind and hearts are. i wonder what is the direction that teaches you the most today. i wonder whether you can feel my heart and compassion for us human beings this morning.

i wonder how food appears to you this morning. is it


pure matter

atoms and molecules to digest

potential for hurt

a dark hole of distraction

an endless isolator

a suitcase of sensations

a dark cloud of overstimulation

a dangerous link to spirit

an enemy

a weapon

a taboo?


i send love to you and my gratitude,